Inspectors Blog

Our “inspectors blog” page is a way to connect potential homeowners, sellers, investors and real estate professionals of all levels with the insight from a home inspectors perspective in relation to a residential property and the environmental deficiencies that can manifest within them. ¬†This page is still under construction; however below is a snippet of what the body of work will contain.

A few of the most non asked or misconcieved questions:

  • Why get a home inspection on the property that I am buying, selling or investing in?
  • What is a good home inspection, and how do I know if I am paying for the best possible service?
  • Are all inspection companies the same?
  • What is the difference between a home inspection and code inspection?
  • Do you think a low price inspection cost means better service, or a higher price inspection cost means better service?
  • Is it worth paying for additional environmental services with my inspection?
  • Can I purchase a home with mold in it?

Stay tuned to these topics and so much more in weeks to come!